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speed up your torrent download easily

                      Both of you download movies,large size  software the selection must be torrent.Todya I'm gong to show how sped up your torrent connection.First thing you must keep in your mind that torrent speed depend on your internet connection speed.But when you have a good download and upload in your internet connection but torrent is still running in low speed then their is a problem.Don't think about it.It can be solve by your self.First of all you must get some knowledge of torrent seeds and peers.

What are Torrent Peers and Seeds??

       Torrent is a word derived from word Bit Torrent which is a peer-to-peer files sharing protocol which is also used as file extension. It’s distributing files over the Internet. This protocol is designed by Programmer Bram Cohen in April 2001 and released the July 2 2001.
Peer-A peer is refer to a particular node (A computer like you) which is currently sharing (either uploading or downloading) the data using torrent client. It’s specific for each torrent. 
Seed-Seeds are referring to those peers which have 100% of file. So if you have zero (0) seeds than its waste of time to download that torrent.

Increase Torrent speed

Turn off windows firewall 
      Make sure windows firewall on your computer,then turn off it.type "firewall" on search tab it will redirect you in to the firewall settings window.make configurations like below picture to off firewall.

Choosing best torrent client
             If you try speed up torrent you should pay your attention when selecting torrent client.Here are the top 5 torrent clients suitable for windows 7.
  1. uTorrent
  2. BitTornado
  3. BitComet
  4. BitTorrent
  5. Yet ABC
                            From hitting any of these you can download them and install totally free.If you want more information about that visit here to Top 10 Windows Torrent Clients List .

Add super tracker list to your torrent download
                  This is the other success thing to speed up torrent easily.

  • Double-click on the downloading torrent.
  • Then you will show window like below.

  • Go to the end of the tracking list and copy the below tackers list and paste it end of the default tracking list.

      Hope you will enjoy your speed up torrent downloads.If you have any equation let me know about it from a comment.

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