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Uploading pictures in Blogger

There are two different "ways" of using pictures in Blogger:

1. pictures uploaded in Blogger Post (or gadget/widget)
2. picture used in Blogger HTML layout (for Blog design purposes)

Uploaded pictures HAVE to be stored (hosted) somewhere. When you upload a pic from your computer into Blogger Post, it will automatically be stored in your default Picasa account that comes in a package with your Blogger account....

► in Blogger, you'll click on Upload Image button, Browse for the pic on your comp (machine), and Upload it...
But if you take a better look, you'll notice the other option in Upload pop-up window:
Add an image from the web gives you the option to upload a picture hosted somewhere else on the web (using direct link), be it from your existing Album (Photobucket, Imageshack....), or the one you will create.

"Why do I have two options anyway?"

Picture storage - in default Picasa (pics uploaded from your computer), you have a storage limit of 1GB. If you exceed this, picture's will be broken. Your options are:
- upgrade Picasa account (you'll have to pay)
- combine with uploading pictures from a free picture hosting services

Picture size - if you upload the pics from your computer, not only they are stored in Picasa by default, but they are also automatically re-sized and compressed. Blogger has 3 options:
- small (width is 200px)
- medium (width is 320px)
- large (width is 400px)

They will show up in their full size when clicked on, but in the post, you can only choose from these 3 options.

Uploading images hosted on a free picture hosting services, you will have better manipulation of the picture appearance in the Blogger post, without automatic re-size or compression.

Well, probably you already have an account somewhere, but the important thing here is to get the Direct Link to our hosted pic. When we've done that, we can use this Link either:

► in Blogger Post (gadgets/widgets)
► or in HTML of the Blog template (custom design tweaking)

I'll make a list of my personal favorites when it comes to Free picture hosting. So, in this order:, owned and operated by, is a fast, simple, reliable and free video and image hosting site. Personally, I love it because of it's short URL address, and unlimited bandwidth. Other features:
► the image size limit is 1600 pixels (either width or height)
► images and videos on your account will not be removed
► unlimited storage, hosting period and bandwidth!

Create an account, and start uploading. Just be careful to copy the Direct Link, and use it in your Blogger Blog Post, or HTML. Here's a few screen shots: is an intuitive and easy-to-use free media hosting service. It can be used to upload images, flash files, and videos. It's free, but you also have the upgrade option. Features:
► each image you upload must be less than 5 MB in size
► your files will be available forever (if you have an account)
► unlimited storage
► unlimited bandwidth for videos and slideshows, and allows each hotlinked image 300 megabytes of transfer per hour

Create an account (1 minute), upload pics, and get the Direct Link for your Blog. Here's how it looks like: is a famous media-sharing and hosting site where you can upload and store your images and videos. You can choose to have either a Free or Pro (paid) Photobucket account. By default, a new account is Free. Features:
► free accounts users limited to 1MB file size and max. resolution of 1024 x 768px
► up to 1 GB of space for images and video clips
► free accounts are allowed 25 GB of bandwidth per month

Create an account, and enjoy all the additional features Photobucket is offering...In order to get the picture link for your Blog, check this screen shots:

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