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How can you earn money online as a teenager? | Part 1

                          As a teenager we need money in many needs.If you are a student having higher education you will feel it more.need more money.Just think you want money to pay your internet bill.Then we have to do a part time job or something.but there is a easy way to success your targets.make money online.there are lot of ways to earn money online.lets we discuss few things which are suitable for teenagers.

Why you should work online

  •  Earn money on your own schedule
  • There are no boss no timetable .if you need break then you can get a break
  • You can do other things while eranings.make friends/chat with them/listen music...etc
  • No experience required   
  • It will develop your leader ship as the boss
  • You can never get fired
  • You can earn from home no need to go workplace
  • You can improve your skills while online earnings                             

Earn money on micro job site (

                     Use your ability and earn money for your service.Its like a global work marketplace. Fiverr is the most famous and great place for lets get some idea about if you are not a user in fiverr.People complete work and get service for only $5.every things based on $5.Lets think what we can sale in Fiverr and how we can earn from Fiverr.

  • Graphic/Logos
  • Writing articles
  • Computer Troubleshooting
  • Blog Troubleshooting
  • Back links
  • Create video
  • Graphic Designs
  • Creating website banners/headers
  • Creating presentations
  • Record voice
  • Promoting website/business/product/brand
  • Sing a song
  • Photoshop Works
  • Photographing
  • Create animations
  • Selling emails
  • Selling your recipes
  • Selling exercise plans
  • Auto cad
  • Give Ideas to success life/business/love affair/marriage life
  • Giving twitter followers
  • Giving Facebook likes
  • Creating E books
  • Make E book covers
  • Convert PDF to Words(Rewriting Jobs)
  • Home work help
                     There are lot of ways you can earn from Fiverr.I hope describe from other posts how make orders,how earn easy from Fiverr,Tricks to become successful seller.If you are a seller on Fiverr stay with us and stay with that articles to become success on Fiverr.

Writing a Blog

             If you have a writing skills then you can start a blog.You can earn in many ways from a blog.Adsense is the most successful things to earn from blog.And also you can earn from publish ad banners on your blog site.For that everything you need heavy traffic and large amount of daily visitors.For that target You can optimize your blog in search engines(SEO).We start a SEO guide for beginners .You can read that articles and stay with them to optimize successfully your blog in search engines  and create a heavy traffic for your blog.If you can make  1000+ daily visits for your blog I will tell you how earn $250 per month from your own blog.Wait for my Fiverr guide articles.

           Actually I do not recommend ad clicking is a good earning method for beginners.It is only thing wasting your   time.
This is the part one of my article and I hope to publish part 2 as soon as possible.Stay with us!

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