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SEO Guide for beginners 3

                Hi everyone, back again with another search engine optimization guide I'm going to show you few simple steps to increase your visitors through search engine optimization.I'm sure you didn't think about that kind of things help to increase your site traffic through search engines.

Select suitable web address for your blog/site

                               One of the most sensitive case is choosing your web site URL.Why I say like that?Just think that you are going to write a blog about making money from internet.You have a idea to write about adsense,Fiverr,adclicking,microworkers like that.then I have found lot of blogs under that content have blog address same as its title "Black Arrow","e money how" etc.Why we can't use the title and the URL like "".Real E-money Tips all of the three words having a good value on search engines.As our previous post we can check about how many searches for that words using Google Keyword Tool.Then you can see the result report from below snapshot which is given by Google Keyword Tool.

To enlarge click on the image 
 Then you can see "make money " keyword having 2,240,000 global monthly If you can create your blog site address and the title using that keyword you have more chance to attract Google search engine robot to your blog.

Customize Blog Description

                                 I saw  many of new blogs haven't a blog description.only header as picture or text.But someone try to optimized his blog on search engine firstly he must add a blog description for his blog.Blog description helps to readers what are in that blog.But in SEO blog description helps to found in search engines.Look at my blogger dashboard from below picture.

                                      When you put that keywords find keywords  having more searches  using Google Keyword Tool.

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