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SEO guide for beginners-1

                 Search Engine Optimization.What you feel hearing this?Its most important thing if you have a blog  and also you have a target to success your blog with more visitors.People will visit to your blog if your blog has been well optimized in search engines.we can simply discussed SEO like this.I could  earn more visitors through SEO for my blog so I thought to guide you "how you can  optimized successfully your blog in search engines".

                 First time I started this blog and submitted it to blog directories and looking for a page-views and visitors. Unfortunately I was not satisfied with those values.And I told about it to one of my friend.He told me "Optimize your blog in Search Engines and you can earn lot of visitors through it".and he also tell me little  about  SEO."SEO" first time I heard that word.His description was not clear to me but I found a new point.Then after that I typed on google search engine "SEO".It was very interested to me and I read lot of articles about it day by day.and also followed the instructions which they told in their posts.
                 After all the things when I saw my blog stats amazing  I got  form 400 page views per day to 4500 page views per day and also my daily visits increasing from 200 to 1000+.Then I found what is the reason for this.Its result of my hard works with SEO.I'm still doing so many things in that field and my adsense earnings also increase from $0.20 to $1.50.I decided to share all tips and methods with Pentium Pro  readers and I hope to tell about it step by step continuous articles which written under the topic of "SEO".If you stay with us all of our articles you can increase your visitors from 20% within few weeks.Then After few articles you can achieve more visitor list through Search Engines. 
 Your comments is very important for me to force me to submit all the articles soon.
See you again in my next post under title SEO. Enjoy yourself!

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