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Why User Unfollow You On Twitter

Many twitter users get unfollowed by some user which the reason of the action is unknown to non of the culprit. I’ve experience such a problem some times ago while i was wondering why this should happen. Bellow I’ve listed some possible reason which might have cause this action to anyone of you.

1. Not following back

Some twitter user will want other users to follow them but they will not follow the person back, Most users want to be followed back. Unless maybe if you are a celebrity or a news agency.

2. Inactive Users

If you are inactive on twitter you will most likely be unfollowed eventually. Companies and brands should make it a point to tweet regularly to their users.

3. Uninteresting tweets

If you do not tweet the latest movie trailers or the latest news or some funny quotes, you may be unfollowed afterall.

4. Too many tweets

Users who tweet in bursts end up clogging the timeline of their followers. This is one of the main reasons why you can get unfollowed on twitter.

5. Spam links

Posting a spam or fraudulent link on twitter annoyed some user, and its like they unfollow you immediately.

6. Essence RT Of others tweet

If you think retweeting other peoples tweet make you gain followers, that’s properbly not, Many people do this in order to stay “active” on twitter. Just RT tweets at random. But unless you do not tweet your own original stuff your followers will realize sooner or later that you are an RT freak and unfollow you.

7. Difference of Opinion.

Many users want people they follow to conform to their line of thought. Conflicting interests would mean you would get unfollowed.

8. Spamming Tweet of what’s not true.

Most people take these competitions to be spam and scams., tweet of fake source of you requesting your followers to follow may result to unfollow.
The 8 point above are the possible reason you may be unfollowed on twitter.

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