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earn money from youtube videos

            The Gangnam Style fever isn’t over yet. After becoming the first ever YouTube video to hit one billion views, insanely popular South Korean artist, Psy, is earning millions of dollars, according to Google Chief Business Officer, Nikesh Arora. In a rare disclosure during Google’s fourth quarter earnings call, Arora revealed that Psy has generated a whopping $8 million revenue on YouTube alone. This goes to prove that YouTube can be a very profitable medium as well. Google’s report somewhat matches a previous analysis done by the Associated Press.

The publication previously indicated that Psy’s Gangnam Style earned an estimated amount of $7.9 million in global revenue, including iTunes downloads, streaming, and sales on services in Korea. As of this writing, Gangnam Style has over 1,233,872,169 views, and that number continues to grow. News outlet Quartz notes that the video is generating an average of 0.65 cents per view. And since YouTube video creators usually earn half of the money they get from views, the lucky and talented Psy could be earning around $4 million from YouTube alone.

 source _Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Earned $8 Million On YouTube, Says Google

                             Do you believe it?earned $8 million from you tube???Yes ,I'm going to tell to you the way of earnings from youtube.Read them carefully & make your video to earn money.

1. Make Sure You Have an AdSense Account

While the process to be able to display ads on your YouTube videos is a separate one, your earnings and stats will go together with your AdSense account, so you need to have one.
In theory you could apply to become a YouTube partner before having an AdSense account, and in case you get accepted you would then follow up with an AdSense application. I believe the other way around is much simpler, though.

2. Grow Your Audience on YouTube

One of the most important criteria the YouTube guys will use to evaluate your application is the audience you reach on YouTube. They don’t reveal what are the requirements, but I’ve seen many people say these are the ballpark numbers you need to have before getting accepted:

  • at least 1,000 subscribers
  • at least 1,000 views on all your videos
  • at least 10,000 channel views
  • These are the very minimum though, if you want to make sure you’ll get accepted I would aim for 5,000 subscribers, 50,000 channel views and over 1,000,000 upload views total.

3. Get Videos Out There Regularly

If you only have one or two videos uploaded your chances of getting accepted are low, even if those videos went viral. That’s because YouTube is looking for people who are planning to work with them over the long term.
The more regularly and frequently you upload new videos, the better. For instance, someone who uploads a new video every day will have a better chance of getting accepted than someone who uploads one every couple of weeks.
You also want to make sure you have at least 100 uploaded videos before applying to become a partner (though some people say 50 will be enough).

4. Develop A Brand Around Your Videos

This step is not essential, but I think it helps a lot on getting approve. You need to remember that, once you meet the technical guidelines, it will be a person on the other site deciding on whether you are a good fit for becoming a YouTube Partner or not. In other words, the more professional you look the higher your chances.
Practical tips include:

  • Create a website to host your videos and give your audience more wayts to interact
  • Create a nice logo and use it everywhere
  • Use a watermark on your videos with your logo
  • Consider getting a professional intro made for your videos
  • Customize your YouTube channel to make it look professional

5. Make Sure Your Content Has Zero Copyrighted Material

If there’s one thing that will get your application rejected on the spot is copyright infringement, so make sure you have zero copyrighted material on your videos.
This includes images, graphics, logos, video clips and audio. For instance, even just using a music on the background which you don’t have permission to could get your application rejected.

6. Apply to Become a YouTube Partner

After you followed all the previous steps you are ready to apply. You can do that via the official YouTube Partner Program page. It might take a while to get your application considered due to the load of people applying, but once you get accepted you’ll be able to start displaying ads on your videos right away.

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