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5 Ways to freelance online

Being a freelancer is tough. The hours are diabolical, the pay is low, and many people assume you are on benefits when you tell them you work from home (or they assume worse). But, if you have got the tenacity to stick it out, then it may be a viable alternative lifestyle until you can find yourself a real job. Here are five ways that you can be an online freelancer.
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1 - Sell your photography online and advertise your services

You may advertise your photography online if you wish, but there are marketplace sites out there that will allow you to upload your images and sell them. Some of them will allow you to sell your pictures, but only via a printing company. So, the person is just buying the image (to frame in their house). Other websites will let you sell your licenses for your image, either full rights licenses or a usage license. These are the best sites because people are more likely to want an image that they license so that they can use it, instead of just buying an image that they put into a frame.

2 - Sell your graphic design and do custom jobs

You can create a nice portfolio and put it online. There is a chance that people will buy your designs from you. Otherwise, you can use your online portfolio to sell your services to other people. You can advertise your website full of graphic design on and off of the Internet. You can also sign up to directories where you may pay to advertise your services.

3 - Sell your programming services and offer to create mobile apps

Just like the graphic designer may put his or her portfolio online, you can offer your services and have a portfolio too. A good idea may be to answer programming problems in forums and then market your services as a programmer after the fact. There are also programmer directories you can try.

4 - Sell yourself as an SEO expert and sell your services

If you know a lot about Search Engine Optimization, then you can sell it as an online service. You need not sell the whole development process because it will be harder to get clients. But, you could do SEO health checks for people, and then charge them for solutions. Or, you could sell yourself as an SEO auditor and show people where they are going wrong. You may even charge people for web metrics and advice on how to improve them.

5 - Sell your website designs and do custom projects

You can create an online portfolio of your website designs and then sell them online. Every page in your website could be of a different design with a price tag attached. You should also add a section where the user can contact you, so that he or she may hire you to design a website for him or her. You may have a reasonable amount of success with PPC with Google. Advertise your service next to the bigger companies on the Google search engine results, and then allow your website itself to do the selling for you.

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