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What you can do in fiverr to get more orders?

                         Hi fiverr sellers,From today I will start to post articles about fiverr tricks and tips to get more sales and become top rated in fiver.I think  make  money online beginners will visit this article on "make money online " tag.So before starting this article I would like to tell little about fiverr.

What is fiverr ??
    is the best place to make money online for beginners with less knowledge.So I recommend Fiverr to teenagers who are looking for make money online.I told little about it in my previous post visit it here and get some idea. I'm also a fiverr seller.I start selling on January of this year you can see my withdrawals from payoneer which are earn in only .
Within 3 months  $192 + $132 + $44 + $95 = $ 375
          I'm new to make money online day by day I'm trying to increase my sellers.In that case I found so many things then I reminded PentiumPro I hope tell you every tricks and tips to increase your sales in fiverr.

      Then we will come back to today article " Best gigs you can do in fiverr to get more orders ".If you are still not seller in fiverr click on the below picture and join to the Fiverr.
increase fiverr sales
      After signing up in fiverr the second thing is create gigs for ability.I told about what you can sale in fiverr in How can you earn money online as a teenager article.Pay your attention again for them.
Writing articles
Computer Troubleshooting
Blog Troubleshooting
Back links
Create video
Graphic Designs
Creating website banners/headers
Creating presentations
Record voice
Promoting website/business/product/brand
Sing a song
Photoshop Works
Create animations
Selling emails
Selling your recipes
Selling exercise plans
Auto cad
Give Ideas to success life/business/love affair/marriage life
Giving twitter followers
Giving Facebook likes
Creating E books
Make E book covers
Convert PDF to Words(Rewriting Jobs)
Home work help

                Lets think what you can do through them.I want to say some thing before you sign in on fiverr.Make your name in fiverr related to your Gigs on fiverr. I will explain it from a little example.Just think you are going to do graphic designing on fiverr make your user name Design_Expert,Great Graphics  like something.If you are going to do seo gigs on fiverr then create your user name as like SEO_expert or something.
           I hope to tell you what are the best gigs you can increase your sales and also tricks to become top rated in Fiverr.Stay with us.

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