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Customize post title SEO friendly | SEO GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS

Hi everyone, Back again from search engine optimization guide article.This is the 5th one of our guide.Today I'm going to show you how make your  blog post title SEO friendly.First of all I would like to say the post title is very important if you are writing a blog.After making the post content you have to decide about the post title.When visitors visit your site through your post they decide the quality of your post from the post title.If your post title and the post content don't match to each other then visitor has a negative idea about your writing style and the quality of your blog.
                  I all ways recommend select right keyword and optimize your post title from google  keyword tool.Then what about the length of post title?let's discuss it from a simple example.
Just think you are going to write a article about search engine optimization.then you have to choose the title.Your main goal is list your article in search engines.So few people search from search engines enter the word "SEO".So it id not useful make your post as "SEO Guide" , " search engine Optimization"  like that.most of people are using search engines when they need help from them.Then normally searches will be like this "SEO guide for beginners'' , " Search engine Optimization for increase the traffic" ' " How to optimize your blog in search engines" like that.make your post title not too short.Enter every important things and pay attention which I mentioned below.

Keep your title not too short or too long. 
                                   Try enter 70 characters to your title.Generally search engines shows only 70 characters from your title.So try write your idea and named your post from 70 characters,otherwise if you choose long one the some of your words will be disappeared in search engines.

Try make  it little attractive
                                  Always try make your title/post attract visitors.when someone search something on search engine he will see lot of result on first page.then there must be something to special your post among
that results.

Don't use special characters  
                                  Be careful to don't use any special characters like @ ! " ' . / ? < > .I f you use them in your title will be neglect from Google and most search engines.

Try make it to introduce your article          
                                If you fail to introduce your post content from your title then visitors will leave your post and blog forever.

Try to do new thing to difference from others              
                               Study others style but don't follow them.Do your own things in your own way.Try  always   keep your title fresh and relevant.

See you again in next SEO guide post.Enjoy this week!!!

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