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Your Visitors Can Become Your Loyal Readers...But How?


You will be able to create a good web presence through the blog only if it is effective enough to catch the attention of the reader and make a place in his/her mind. If you search on the internet, you will get a lot of information on establishing a great blog. The most important step of establishing a blog is to create it with the sole purpose of giving value to the readers. There is no need to do something special so that the search engine bot will crawl it faster or give more importance to it. If people read it and like it and if your blog is able to create a lasting impression than that’s about it! You are going to enjoy a great web presence.

First, concentrate make a good design…

Grab the attention of the reader with a dynamic and impressive design that features the perfect synchronization of images and colors. Well-designed and well-organized websites create a trust factor among the people. A great design is one that holds the attention of the readers and makes them stop and admire the website for a while even if they have not read the content. So make sure that you have a nice and clean design that also has an easy navigation.

Do not feature too many ads

There is no point in getting too greedy with the ads. If you are successful in winning the hearts of the users, than earning money from your blog is not going to be an issue. People generally don’t prefer to read the websites that feature a lot of ads; this also enhances the overall readability. There is no harm in having a few ads, however place them appropriately so that they are not obstructing the view of the main content.

SEO is important! However focus more on quality of the content and reader satisfaction

Stop concentrating a lot on search engine optimization. It’s a fact that that Google also considers the factor of value creation for the visitors/readers. Get all your focus on creating good quality and authoritative content. This is a great way of transforming your visitor into a loyal reader. If someone likes your post, he/she will surely subscribe with your blog for getting post updates or will make sure to check out your blog on a regular basis for getting the information related to that niche.

Keep the pace

This is something that is ignored by most of the blog writers. This is the era when most of the people don’t have a lot of time to spend, they are constantly coping up with a race of living life. In such a scenario if your website takes a lot of time to load, it’s a real turn off! If this is the case, your readers won’t take a lot of time in figuring out an alternative option. This can be materialized by selecting an appropriate hosting platform for your website that is powered with any CMS. Usually blog owners prefer opting for web hosting with wordpress. as it is a convenient and easy to manage and efficient however there are many other content management systems that can be used for supporting your blog. Concentrate on one thing – your reader should be able to get the information he wants within no time and navigation should be easy and simple.

Frequent blog updates

Post frequently and make it a habit. Readers should know when they can expect your next blog post. You can also write on alternate days. If you establish a pattern in this way, your returning visitors will be able to exactly know when to come back.

Ask some questions and get some information

It’s a good idea to run frequent surveys on your blog and ask the readers what they are looking for. You can deliver the best results if you are aware about the expectations of the readers. With surveys, it will become easier for you to understand the reader’s point of view. Make sure that it’s a small survey that does not take a lot of time.

Bonus Tip – Be yourself

You might refer to a lot of content before creating your blog post. You will surely have something more to add to it, do that! Don’t be afraid to feature your ideas and thoughts about the subject even if you think they are a little different. Instead of reading the same information everywhere, if people see some difference in the content featured on your blog, they will remember it.
This is all you need to do for converting readers into loyal readers. Although you may come across various tips and guidelines that you need to follow for this; even if you take care of the factors mentioned above, you will be able to create a loyal reader base.

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